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Finding the right payroll solution is critical to all businesses, big or small. Titus Accounts payroll services help you to streamline the process and eliminate payroll hiccups. We offer an efficient payroll service which complies with all HMRC regulations and pension regulators while taking care of all your business needs.

Payroll legislation is constantly changing and, in some areas, growing more complex. Using our services, you can make sure your payroll is accurately set up to ensure you can make quick business decisions and keep your employees satisfied.

Compliant Payroll Services

We provide value for businesses of all sizes with competitively priced payroll services. Letting us handle the payroll frees up your time so you can efficiently manage business administration while still retaining control of your workflow.

Our certified accountants calculate employee tax, national insurance contributions, sick pay, maternity pay, loans, and salary sacrifice adjustments. The final payroll is always sent to you for approval before we provide electronic or paper payslips for your employees.

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    Accounts Payroll Services

    Payroll Areas We Manage

    Our payroll team manage:

    ● Pay as You Earn (PAYE)
    ● Workplace Pensions
    ● Construction Industry Schemes
    ● Real-Time Information Filing Obligations
    ● National Insurance
    ● Incentive Schemes
    ● End of Year Returns for Employees
    ● Inland Revenue
    ● Staff Cost Reporting
    ● Payroll processing
    ● Tracking payments
    ● Issue P45s, P46s, P11ds, P60s

    Why Choose Titus Accounts Payroll Services?

    We offer highly customised payroll solutions and use state-of-the-art processes to keep your information safe and secure. Titus Accounts payroll services are ideal for both start-ups and well-established companies.

    Our professional accountants and bookkeepers help you minimise liability through efficient, reliable services and highly effective payroll management strategies. Using modern online payroll solutions, we can automatically file statutory HMRC returns, file pensions, and administer all payroll processes from one account.

    We help you plan employee remuneration by staying ahead of the legislation and tax obligations. Our team of payroll experts can also help you design competitive and efficient remuneration packages to ensure your employees are adequately remunerated.

    Unsure About Employee Status?

    Employee status can often be complicated and cause serious problems for both you and your workers. We assess your employee status and offer guidance to ensure you comply with government requirements and avoid liability.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll to Titus Accounts

    Apart from saving you the costs that come with retaining a full-time payroll administrator, we also save you time spent on training new staff. With the constant changes in payroll legislation, you also save money on updating and purchasing new payroll software every time there is a change.

    We have the experience you need to handle complex payroll issues with confidentiality. Get in touch with us to find out more about our payroll services and how we can adapt them to help your business remain efficient.

    Reach out to us for an instant, no-obligation quote.

    Read Our Business Accounting FAQ’s

    What type of businesses do you work with?

    At Titus Accounts we work with a variety of business types including sole traders, contractors, SMEs and larger organisations. We tailor all of our services to suit individual requirements, therefore whatever level of service you require, we are here to assist you.

    How much do your services cost?

    We offer a range of different services and provide bespoke packages to each client depending on the options they require. We are also able to scale our services to suit a growing business. Contact our team to discuss our different packages and pricing options.

    Can I talk with you and meet directly?

    Yes, our friendly team are here to assist you. We work to fit around your busy schedule and ensure each of our clients have a dedicated accountant who is their point of contact. We are able to provide online and face-to-face meetings where required.

    Do you assist with VAT queries?

    Our experienced VAT team are responsible for responding to our client’s VAT queries and ensuring that all deadlines and guidance from HMRC are met. We also ensure our customers are able to make the most of any allowances available to their business.

    Do you provide financial planning services?

    We provide tax planning and financial advice services for growing businesses who want to expand and even generate investment. We have an experienced team on hand to help with preparing audits and documentation on the financial position of the business.

    How we can help your business

    VAT Services

    Our qualified accountants calculate and report VAT to ensure your business is running efficiently and in compliance with all business and legal regulations.

    Accounting Audits

    Accounts offer complete audits to help review businesses and plan adequately for the future. Our audit services are available for any businesses.

    Book Keeping

    Out team of experienced accountants ensure things run smoothly on a daily basis for your company with our efficient and reliable bookkeeping services.

    Accounts And

    For many small businesses, taxes and accounting can be complex however with us you can feel confident your finance are being managed properly.

    Corporate Accounting

    Whether you need financial risk analysis, auditing, business planning or financial statements, we offer the necessary support to underpin you business’s growth.

    Tax Advice & Support

    Titus Accounts have a team of experts who can help you strategise and execute efficient corporate tax plans to ensure your business is successful.

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